Published Writing: 

My MA thesis, Stallworthy of the Mounted: A Textual Analysis of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Arctic Presence, 1923-1935, can be found at the University of Calgary library vault for theses.


Traditionally Published Editing Projects:

Please note that not all of my editing projects are for traditional publication, as most are either self-published or are for private or internal use. 

All In (Volume Two of The Book of West Marque) by Richard Parkinson

Beltrunner by Sean O’Brien

The Call (Volume One of The Book of West Marque) by Richard Parkinson

Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti

Cyan by Syd Logsdon

From Moon to Joshua by Matthew Moffitt

The Genius Asylum by Arlene F. Marks

Lethal Influence by Susan Bohnet and K L Webster

Poseidon & Cleito by Andrew J. Peters

Shadow Life by by Jason Mather

Sticks and Stones by Angèle Gougeon

Stranger King by Nadia Hutton

Wildcatter by Dave Duncan

Yesterday’s Savior by Keith Bliss


Select Self-Published Editing Projects:

Between Fire and Pines: The Code Book One by Kathleen Sawisky

The Skeletal Bird: The Code Book Two by Kathleen Sawisky