In November of 2010, I registered for a correspondence course through Simon Fraser University called Editors and Editing: An Introduction to see if a career in words would interest me. After studying at SAIT and spending many years as an office assistant and legal assistant, I decided to pursue further post-secondary education and in January of 2011, I enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Calgary. I graduated in 2015 with a double major in English and Canadian history, and in 2020, I completed a Master’s in (Canadian) history.

In addition to courses on Canadian history and English literature, I have also taken classes in English grammar and linguistics, Old English, archaeology, art history, world history, African history, Latin American history, German language and history, science fiction, post-colonialism, military history, digital humanities, and geology. I also worked for the University of Calgary Archives and Special Collections as an archives assistant and a research assistant.

I am involved in several volunteer positions that use my multitasking skills, detail-oriented nature, love of words, and my well-developed computer skills, and provide me with great personal and professional satisfaction.

As a voracious reader with an eye for grammar and spelling, my administrative experience and advanced education would be an asset to any project requiring precise and creative use of the English language.

Career History

I began my administrative career in 1996, with high school work experience in the office of my local Member of Parliament on Vancouver Island. Responsible for the detail-oriented behind-the-scenes jobs, my duties included updating the filing system, coordinating press releases, assisting with events, and channeling correspondence, news articles, and other incoming information. The excellent mentorship I received from the office staff laid the foundation for my interest in administrative duties.

After spending three years learning the ins and outs of a constituency office, I moved to Calgary and for almost two years worked as a file clerk at a mid-size customs broker. Managing a massive filing system, responding to requests for data, and maintaining the archives stretched my multitasking skills to new levels. While working there I enrolled at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (now SAIT Polytechnic) in the Office Assistant program.

After successfully receiving my SAIT certificate, I spent almost four years working as a church secretary. It was in this position that I discovered my love of words, formatting, proofreading, creating documentation, and generally tinkering with the layout and grammar of every report, newsletter, bulletin, brochure, and presentation that crossed my desk. However, this occupation did not challenge me for very long, and I re-enrolled at SAIT, taking night classes over several years to receive my Legal Assistant Certificate.

While completing my certificate program, I began work at a mid-sized family law firm as assistant to a junior associate. We worked so well together that when she and a business partner opened their own practice, she invited me to accompany her. We worked hard to establish a thriving boutique law firm, and my multitasking, administrative, and accounting skills were put to the test. It was very satisfying to be part of building a new small business from the ground up. I particularly enjoyed proofreading and drafting legal documents, letters, and briefs, as well as developing a new accounting system, and documenting the office procedures.

Since leaving the law firm in the fall of 2011 to pursue full time studies, I have worked as a freelance copyeditor on projects ranging from fiction to academic papers, and am the Regional News Editor for The Canadian Lutheran magazine. I also worked for the University of Calgary Archives and Special Collections as an archives assistant and a research assistant, and as a teaching and research assistant for professors in the history department.